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A Fine Autumn Day On the Trail Nearly to Camp Mountain Spring Desert Morning Abiding Aura Hey Tonka High Desert Evening Comin' In Hot The Old Colt


On the Trail A Fine Autumn Day Disappearing Rosa Elinor and Wendell Abiding Aura Worth Fighting For Red Horses Hey Tonka Comin' In Hot No Slicker Needed

Still Life

Reverence Tradition Dichotomy The Gift Miracle #2 Reverence #2 The Gift #2 Tradition #2 Miracle Dichotomy #3

Black And White

Elinor and Wendell Worth Fighting For Buff Wapiti Valley Ram Gaucho in Snow The Old Colt Gaucho Jim Mountain No Maria


Lone Bull Hungry Mother Buff Sign of Spring Wapiti Valley Buffalo Dream Ram Lady Wapiti Women and Children Meadowlark


Flax I Dream of Wild Onions Sunday Drive New Nest Little Thing #2 Cedar Waxwing Little Thing #4 Little Thing #7


Nearly to Camp A Fine Autumn Day Lone Bull Abiding Aura Desert Morning High Desert Evening Wapiti Valley Homes Away from Home Comin' In Hot Eagle and Halfmoon


Bluebell Nearly to Camp A Fine Autumn Day On the Trail Lone Bull Disappearing Rosa Flax Buff Hungry Mother Crepes

Out West

Crepes A Fine Autumn Day Nearly to Camp Buff Hungry Mother Abiding Aura Cowboy Blues Worth Fighting For Hey Tonka Homes Away from Home


Cowboy Blues On the Trail Worth Fighting For Hoolihan Wyoming Meet n' Greet Up Before the Sun Comin' In Hot The Old Colt Before the Hunt Headed Home #2

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